Hockey Off-Season Training

Hockey Off-Season Training


Top-level hockey players manage to balance their playing weight and body composition with their strength, speed, and agility. Most of the work to do this is done during their off seasons. Players returning from their seasons are often lighter, weaker, and even slower from full and strenuous season. Improperly training, or taking on a poorly designed off-season program, increases risk of injury in the off-season and the athlete’s following season. Pro(Ag)gressive Fitness Centre’s strength and conditioning programs for hockey are comprehensive and individualized training and nutritional protocols designed to develop dominant hockey players.

In the safest and quickest way possible, Pro(Ag)gressive Fitness progresses the athletes throughout different phases of programming. Athletes train towards an appropriate balance of size, strength, and speed. Customized strength and conditioning programs will:

-       Correct players’ structural imbalances built up over the course of a season.

-       Decrease injury risk.

-       Increase on-ice acceleration and top speed.

-       Increase strength and explosiveness.

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